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 Since its founding in 1970, United Abrasives/ SAIT has been synonymous with quality, reliability, innovation and value. We continue as a leader  in the abrasives industry with products that set new standards of excellence. We’re proud of our reputation, and dedicated to continually testing, designing and improving our products to ensure quality and maximum function. 


What makes ours different?

They last longer. Unlike many abrasive  manufacturers, we only use premium grains, and we never use inferior fillers or bonding agents. With durable abrasives that continue to perform over time, you can avoid frequent re-orders and costly downtime.

They're safer. Our product line doesn’t include  cut-rate abrasives because, frankly, cut-rate abrasives are accidents waiting to happen. When you’re buying United Abrasives, you’re buying  the best.

They're high quality, always. We use premium heavy duty fiberglass reinforcement to ensure that our abrasives last longer and perform better.

They're made in the USA. At our manufacturing  facilities in Connecticut and Florida, we employ state-of-the-art equipment and rigorous quality control testing.

You know you'll get them fast.  With United Abrasives, every order is a rush order. Our streamlined fulfillment operation means products go from phone order to delivery truck in minutes.

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Since 1972, Tri Tool has delivered on the winning combination of precision, performance and people: precision engineering; proven performance and innovation, and people who will always find a way to solve a customer’s problem, no matter how challenging. That’s Building Performance: The Tri Tool Way. 

Today, Tri Tool enters a new era of delivering on safety. Our newest  portable machine and welding products, and those we are building for tomorrow, are Safer by Design: Safer to use without sacrificing all of the precision, power and performance you have come to expect from the  world’s leading designer and manufacturer of precision portable machine tools, automatic welding machines, pipe beveling machines and pipeline  facing machines.

As we move forward, we will continually strive to produce innovative,  game-changing and safer products that reflect the relationship and trust you have placed in us as a manufacturer and as an onsite field machining  services provider. Our people are always prepared to walk beside you to  ensure that you can do your job effectively, efficiently and safely  whether that be for the offshore or onshore pipe construction, power, high purity, or the industrial plant maintenance markets.

Tri Tool Products. Built for Safety. Built for Performance. Built for Precision. Built for You.

This comprehensive line of hand tools, testers, meters and equipment is manufactured with top-qualit


This comprehensive line of hand tools, testers, meters and equipment is manufactured with top-quality materials to ensure superior performance and durability throughout the lifecycle of the tool. The tools include added features to help enhance user productivity and are backed by strong warranties.


   Lighting - including Probuilt



   Temporary Power Solutions 



   Cable Pulling 

   Cable Cutting 

   Conduit Bending & Accessories 



   Levels & Measuring 


   Saws & Cutting 

   Test & Measurement 

   Hole Making 

   Voice, Data & Video 

   Tool Bags 

   Material Handling




   Cable Pulling 

   Hole Making 

   Material Handling 




While Sumner is recognized as the leader in pipe handling equipment, our product range includes equipment for a wide variety of contractors. All Sumner products are built with the concept of providing safe, common sense tools which are priced right.

· Jacks & Stands -largest selection in the industry

· Lifts -13 Models to fit the application including the Roust-A-Bout and Gantries

· Material Carts -From Crickets to Mac Racks

· PFAST™  - Increase your fit up output

· Welding Tools -Faster more accurate pipe fit up

· Eventer – For lighting and sound



As a manufacturer of electrical junction boxes, hangers and fittings, lighting and low-voltage devices, Garvin Industries is widely recognized for designing innovative, labor-saving products that provideeconomical solutions to common installation problems.

Electrical Junction Boxes

Covers and Device Rings

Hanging and Support


Panel and Pulling


Low Voltage

Stainless Steel Products